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Join us the first Sunday of the Month for our DOMINGO BRUNCH with Live Music and awesome brunch specials! 9am-2pm. No reservations required.

Our NEXT Domingo Brunch is May 4th with Tu Tu Much! A carribean acoustic duo that is one of our favorites! Come get that island vibe! Music, 10-1, food 9-2, coffee 8-3.

We promise to provide healthy and inspired foods for your delight!

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Cupcake Showdown names a WINNER!

The Cupcake Showdown was a tremendous success.
We had to turn people away because we ran out of cupcakes in the first 40 minutes! There was a line stretching down the front of the Greystone building. The cupcakes were beautiful and delicous. The bakers were lovely and generous and so easy to work with. The eaters were excited and enthusiastic. It could not have been any better for a first go around.

Althought all the cupcakes were beautiful and delicous there could only be one winner. If you read the article in the Eagle then you surely know of the drive behind Mikey T. That tenacity and talent landed him with the winning cupcake on Sunday.He was awarded a $50 gift certificate for Dottie’s and his plaque is in the process of being made as I type. We were very impressed with his Salty, Sweet and Sassy cupcake that was made up of a stout chocolate cake and piled high with peanut butter buttercream and popcorn, pretzels and caramel. Texture and flavor perfection!

We really look forward to doing this event again and if you have any suggestions for how we could make it even better, we would love to hear them. Please email us at Dottiescoffeelounge@gmail.com

An extra heartfelt appology to Linda Williams, who produced a beautiful cupcake with raspberry filling and a attention grabbing raspberry frosting, who ‘s bio was left off of the website. I hope we can see more from you and your passion driven baking in the future!

Bakers Dozen Bio #9 James Toner

Hi my name is Jim. After reading all the baker bio’s, I felt that the event needed some international flavour, so as a transplanted Canadian I hereby offer my services. I have never baked in my life, but after a dry run this week, some brave taste testing by friends, and no reported Emergency Room visits, I figured what the hell, let’s do it.

Bakers Dozen Bio #8 Tracy Candilore

My name is Tracy Candilore  I’m 34 years old and I’ve lived in the Berkshires all my life. I work at Baba Louies waitressing part time and I’m busy being a mom to my 2 year old son the rest of the time oh and I love food, mostly eating it, I have a serious sweet tooth and enjoy baking. I would like to say that I love to make cupcakes but I actually never have, cant be that hard right? :) I enjoy making all different kinds of cheesecakes and also experimenting with vegan and gluten free cooking. Im not a professional baker in any sort of way I am just looking to have fun and hopefully make some yummy cupcakes!

Bakers Dozen Bio #7 David Rizzardi

David began baking after his sister gave him an Italian Baking book for Christmas.
It was around this time biscotti were making their way into local coffee shops and
David was not happy with the offerings.  He decided to try the recipe in the book
his sister gave him and was surprised how much better they were than what he’d
experienced in the coffee shops.  From there David developed his biscotti further
into what is now David’s Biscotti.  After selling David’s Biscotti he went on to
further his pastry experience at the original “Spice” Restaurant on North Street
in Pittsfield where he developed several signature pastries for the dessert menu.
David continued as the original pastry chef at “Haven Cafe & Bakery” in Lenox.
After leaving “Haven” David went on the road with a touring caterer where he
made pastry for artists such as Billy Joel & Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and 
The New York City Rockettes.

Bakers Dozen Bio #6 Lesley Ahlen Therrien

A Registered Nurse and lifelong resident of Pittsfield,MA. A mother of five, whose love for cooking and baking started at a very young age sharing time in the kitchen with her dad and sisters. She is always ready when friends and family call needing baked goods of all kinds.  Every bite is more delicious than the last and baked through with love! 

Photos around the lounge!