Tattoos for community.

It all started in New York City on 13th street between University and 5th, at a very well known coffee shop called Joe [the Art of Coffee]. Free coffee for life if you get our logo tattooed on you, was the basic concept. We laughed at the idea and dreamed of how the NYT would eat it up. Cut to 6 years later, at Dottie’s Coffee Lounge.

Swanny, a very talented and quite adorable (as heavily tattooed guys tend to be)  tattoo artist from the best tattoo shop in the Berkshires, started to regularly frequent our shop. In the heat of the moment and embracing the opportunity, I suggested he tattoo a rosetta on his arm and we would give him free coffee for life. And so he did.

So now, we extend the privilege to 10 of you. Here are the rules and regulations.

1. The tattoo must be in a highly visable part of your body- because lets face it, this isn’t a DARE, we are using your body as a billboard.

2. The tattoo must be one of our approved designs.*

3. The tattoo must be given by Patrick Swan at Leftys Tattoo on the date selected. Price of tattoos will vary depending on design and personal preferences ex: color/size/etc.

4. You must get on the “list” of 10 people that will earn the privilege of free coffee for life from Dottie’s. Getting on the list costs you $50, a small price to pay for a lifelong of FREE COFFEE. Most people spend more money than that a month, on their daily coffee fix. The list will be kept at the counter at Dottie’s. If you chicken out, you WILL get your $50 bucks back.

5. You get free coffee for life, once a day. You name the drink. We make it. *


Designs* will be available for your viewing pleasure in less than a week. Keep posted and if you have any questions in the mean time, email us @



While were all waiting, feel free to post your favorite tattoos here!

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  1. helen
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    LOVE IT!

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